In the heart
of Agro Nocerino-Sarno.
Tradition and
innovation for
a future awareness.

CompanyBio Verde operates in one of the most suitable areas of the Italian agriculture, the Agro Nocerino Sarnese, homeland and cradle of San Marzano tomato.
Here a group of young entrepreneurs waned to combine the flavors of the past with the refinement of cutting-edge production techniques.
The quality and value of the raw material marks the fundamental characteristics on which the values of Bio Verde company are based, rappresenting the concept of Made Italy in our country and in the rest of thw world.

the organoleptic
of the product;
we exalt the
ancient flavors
of the Italian

QualityBio verde provides healthy food, with excellent quality and certified characteristics. SAs a guarantee of quality, Bio Verde subjects its products and production porcesses to periodic checks, to verify their compliance with international quality standards.

From the heart
of the “Agro Nocerino”
all over the world.

300.000 kg of fresh tomatoes processed
• distributed in 30 countries

NumbersWith hundreds of thousands of kilos of tomatoes distributed in 30 countries, Bio Verde is one of the main producers of canned food in the Campania region.

Approximately 300,000 kg of fresh tomatoes processed in different formats.
Denmark, Austria, Dominican Republic, Malta, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Germany, America, Spain, Estonia, Slovenia, Poland, South Africa, Maurtius, Gabon.
Czech Republic, Venezuela, Fiji, England, Netherlands, Scotland, Sri Lanka, Georgia, Korea, Belgium, Serbia, Singapore, Hungary, Albania, Japan.